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Kia's Icons And Stuff
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This is a closed community icon journal for drops_of_colour. You're free to friend it, but please don't ask if you can join, as it's only meant for myself to post in.^^;

What you can find in here are mostly icons, from bases to transparents, as well as friends only banners and the such. I make icons of the Japanese culture mostly. From Musical icons/artists/groups, to movies, to hello kitty, to foods, places and so on.

I don't very often do requests, as it just doesn't really appeal to me the most, and I'm never sure if it's exactly what the person wants. However, if you catch me in a good mood one time, who knows. Though, making suggestions to me of what sort of icons you'd like to see here is always welcome. But keep in mind that I mainly do icons of the Japanese culture. That means I don't do Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings etc. Sorry. T_T

Credit is very important. You may take whatever you like, provided you credit in your keywords [for an icon say] or in your user info [for an icon or friends only banner say]. Crediting can be done like so by either placing "heavens_drive" or "drops_of_colour" into your keywords/user info. That way, people know where to come find more, and you're not a stealer. :(

If you want to link with a button in your user info [or wherever] you're more then welcome to use the following ones I have. Just link them back to heavens_drive and upload to your own server, please~ ^^