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Mix N' Match...

9 random icons here, some transparent and some not. There's Ayumi, HYDE, Gackt, Haitsu and Kana. So, comment, credit, enjoy and all that.^^; I'm goin' to sleep now~

<3 Kiana

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Kia widens her horizons. (Dude, now I wanna make Kana icons. XP) I like the cowboy one best. That is such an adorable picture you used for it.
'Tis HYDE, of course it's good. :)
i love the gackt and hyde on the best (grabs and runs away) i give alot of credit to you! take a bow the spotlight is on you. lol
Thanks sugar~ Glad you like them. *takes a bow* xD
took number 6 for later use, will give credit <3
Thankees~ ^___^